Thông điệp Vesak UN của Ngài Vua Sãi Vương quốc Thái Lan

The Buddha pointed out that there is only one mankind or one human race. We cannot determine or divide human types based on the types of hair, head shapes, eyes, noses etc. According to Buddhism all human beings regardless of their races and religions are the same mankind or same species. In another words, we all are global citizens. 

On this occasion of our assembly here for the 2013 United Nations Day of Vesak, the celebration of the Birth, Awakening, and Death of the Buddha who proclaimed the Noble Truths and guided mankind to realize the truths of being a human, we should apply the Buddha’s teachings of the truths in our study and practice to gain a proper understanding of the truth of being a human. Having understood the truth we should then encourage our worldly friends to study and realize the Buddhist principles of education on how to be a perfect human being. The Three Trainings (tisikkhã) of ethical conduct (sïla), mental discipline (samãdhi) and wisdom (pañ ñã) are the Buddhist educational principles which are necessary for being a good global citizenship.

I am thankful and appreciative for all of you who are assembling here in this celebratory gathering and express your friendly wishes on the celebration of the 100th birthday anniversary of mine which falls on the 3rd October 2013. 

I express my appreciation for this celebratory assembly and I bless you all for the success deliberation of the conference. May every objective of the conference be successfully achieved for promotion of better education and global citizenship.

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